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For Teachers and Schools

Whether you are looking for help designing a new unit or wanting to provide high-quality professional development for your entire staff, our team can meet your needs and budget. Our personalized approach ensures that teachers leave energized, empowered, and supported so they never feel like they've just been handed "one more thing". Our coaches and facilitators are proud of their 97% satisfaction rate from participants and leaders!  

Workshop: Place-Based Learning

Our place-based learning workshop introduced teachers to what research place-based learning is and how to design, assess, and facilitate place-based lessons and projects. Learner-centered teaching is emphasized throughout. Teachers will leave with expanded knowledge, new strategies, and a classroom ready lesson.

Teacher Support and Coaching

New approaches and initiatives take time to sustain, and support throughout the process is critical to long-term success. To make sure teachers get the help they need and deserve we provide flexible support and coaching in multiple formats. Teachers get the help they need on their schedule.  

Stewardship Academies

Whether you are looking to create a micro school, enhance your elective offerings, or create a strong partnership with public lands, we can help you integrate stewardship into your school in a way that meets learning targets and also helps prepare students for college and career.

Workshop: The Power of Place

The focus of this workshop is how to better incorporate local resources like parks, museums, and historic sites into units and lessons. Participants will walk away with lessons and unit plans for integrating place into their work as well as strategies specific to place. This workshop can be held at school or offsite at a specific location.

Collaborative Curriculum Lab

The philosophy underpinning this service is "people learn best by doing" Our experienced curriculum coaches will help you design your next unit around place-based and learner-centered pedagogy that is research-backed and engaging. One of our nationally-recognized experts in project-based learning (PBL) will use their knowledge of PBL and place to help you design and facilitate a one-of-a-kind experience for your students.   

Capital Reef.jpg
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