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" of the chief functions of the national parks and monuments is to serve educational purposes." - Stephan Mather

Our national parks are an amazing educational resource that should be utilized in every classroom and learning space. But how do you get started…?


While many passionate teachers are equally passionate about our national parks, barriers such as time, unknowns in the design process, and a lack of like-minded collaborators prevent even the most motivated individuals from following through on their amazing ideas. 


The National Park Classroom Ranger program is focused on addressing these barriers and helping develop educators who are looking to plan and implement engaging learning experiences that support the mission of the National Park Service (NPS) while meeting content requirements and learning goals. Participants work collaboratively to support each other through not just the design process, but also during implementation and beyond, helping foster the next generation of park supporters.  


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the place-based methodology underpinning national park education. 

  • Utilize a collaborative design process to develop high-quality learning experiences. 

  • Curate resources and management strategies for successful implementation. 

  • Support your learning and the learning of others through collaboration and networking.  


You Should Apply If…

  • You are a passionate educator, a park lover, and want to help learners connect to “America’s Best Idea”

  • You have an idea for an amazing project/unit focused on our  national parks

  • You are looking to connect with and benefit from the experience of like-minded educators.  

  • You want to learn more about available resources and want to explore integrating education approaches used by parks in your own practice. 

  • You’d like to help your fellow educators get excited about what you know works! 


If YOU are a “unicorn” at your school or within your organization and nobody really “gets” your passion for parks and public lands then STOP READING AND APPLY because you have found where you belong! 



  • Access to training and materials for the design and facilitation of a unit

  • Opportunity to collaborate with educators LIKE YOU from across the country.

  • Recognition as a NPC Park Ranger on website for all time

  • Prioritized registration for future NPC events 

  • Invites for the development of future training and events. 

  • Certificate for 16 professional development hours upon completion.  

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