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Josh Flory - Powell, Ohio

Josh Flory is a middle school science teacher who enjoys designing learning experiences that engage his students with real-world challenges. His educational experience includes classroom teaching, curriculum development, project consulting, and teacher professional development.

Megan Jackson - Wake County, North Carolina

Megan Jackson is a PreK-5th grade environmental educator passionate about getting learners outdoors. Her educational experience includes classroom teaching in graded and multi-age classrooms and for the past six years she has taught as an Environmental Inquiry teacher to all students at an environmental themed magnet elementary school in Wake County, North Carolina. Most recently she has given up her indoor classroom space and teaches exclusively outdoors. She resides in the RTP area of North Carolina with Rocky and Rosie, her two rambunctious rescue dogs, and Blaze, the friendliest, most spoiled bearded dragon, who makes the daily commute to school with her.


CarrieAnn Lindstadt-Iurka - Long Island, New York

Is a middle-level Science Educational Leader with over 24 years of experience in the Public School setting located in Western Nassau County on the North Shore of Long Island New York. "There is nothing better than sharing and engaging middle school aged children with our natural world - there is so much to take in outside of the classroom walls, may they continue to wander in wonder!"

Seth Kannarr - Knoxville, Tennessee

Seth is a Geography PhD student at the University of Tennessee, focusing on place renaming and protected areas geographies. He loves to teach others about the natural world, and spends his summers serving as Camp Director at Canyon Camp, a Scouts BSA summer camp in Stockton, IL. In his spare time, Seth serves as a Volunteer with the Education Branch of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Josh Walker - Coalinga, California 

After 27 years of classroom experience, primarily teaching English-Language Arts and History, Josh is in his first year as a middle school instructional coach. Josh is passionate about learning and developing his skills as an educator. He is also a high school tennis coach and in his free time enjoys reading, traveling, visiting museums, and playing tabletop games. Josh considers himself a proud nerd.


Kristin James - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Kristin James is an educator who specializes in STEAM, curriculum design, and experiential learning.  Her experiences range from in-class to informal settings and she has a passion for learning and sharing her love of Science!  Her goal is to inspire students to develop interest and pursue careers in STEAM-related fields. Kristin taught high school Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences in Arizona before moving to Pennsylvania to work as the Curriculum Manager at Whitaker Center for Science & the Arts.  She has experience developing standards-aligned curriculum focusing on student engagement and delivering hands-on lessons in the classroom.  Now, she leads the Whitaker Center's Girls in STEAM program, hosts interactive field trips, and assists guests in having a fun, safe, and educational experience.  In addition to being involved in the National Park Classroom Ranger program, Kristin is a NASA Solar System Ambassador.  She is a SCUBA diver, soccer coach, and resides in the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania.


E. Kate Connell - Rohnert Park, California 

Is an educator in the California Bay Area with a focus on real world project learning and learning in nature. She has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Human Development as well as a Master's Degree in Teaching. She has twenty years of experience working with children aged four to eighteen with a variety of special abilities in various different arenas including with students on the Autism Spectrum, students who are severely emotionally disturbed, students with various learning disabilities and abilities, and students who are Deaf. Her work is driven by the belief that every student should have the opportunity to be involved in their own enrichment and quality education as well as have mutual respect and consideration.


Molly Coffman - Fishers, Indiana

Molly Coffman is a National Geographic Certified elementary educator with passion for travel. For nearly 15 years, Molly has taught K-5 elementary students in the Hamilton Southeastern Schools public-education system located in Fishers, Indiana. There, she has served students of varying academic, social, and developmental needs across multiple grade levels. Currently, she works at both New Britton Elementary and Sand Creek Elementary as a K-4 Global Studies teacher serving nearly 1,200 diverse students.


Dian Brannen - Ocean Township, New Jersey

Dian Brannen and currently lives in Ocean Twp. New Jersey. Her first teaching job was with the Orange County Outdoor Science School in the San Bernardino Mountains. There she fell in love with teaching students using hands-on “real world” science. After 3 years teaching science in a rural school in Nebraska followed by 18 years as a stay at home mom, she is currently teaching 7th grade life science/special education. In her spare time she loves traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends.


Briana Faxon - Bremerton, Washington

Briana Faxon is an instructor at Bremerton High School where she teaches Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Physical Science and Engineering, and AVID. She has taught at Bremerton since 2007. Her passions include exposing students to authentic fieldwork experiences and closing the opportunity gap for all students. Briana presented in 2021 about increasing science identity and sense of place as part of her action research for her Masters of Science in Science Education, and in 2023 regarding creating mentoring programs through community involvement at the AVID National Convention.


Nikole Sheaffer - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nikole Brugnoli Sheaffer is a writer, a creator, a strategist, a collaborator, and pioneer of audacious ideas. Nikole earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Allegheny College, and received her certificate and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland. She served as a fourth-grade teacher in the Montgomery County (MD) Public School System before moving back to Pittsburgh and joining the Environmental Charter School (ECS) as the curriculum designer. In 2021, Nikole became the Senior Director of STEM Education at the Carnegie Science Center, and most recently, founded her own consulting company, The Thinking Lab. Nikole lives in Pittsburgh with her husband Michael, her kiddos: Ella and Mason, and her two remarkable rescues: Winnifred and Fletch.


Dr. Janet Rith-Najarian, PhD - Northern Minnesota

Janet is a biogeographer living in the northwoods of Minnesota, among her home state's storied  ten thousand lakes. She does survey work and research for various natural resource agencies but is also  certified as a National Geographic educator, a consultant and teacher-trainer for the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education, and a Minnesota Master Naturalist. In addition, she is also a geographic and environmental storyteller, and is in the process of creating several documentaries, podcasts and presentations about expeditions and about famous explorers and natural scientists of the past. In her free time, she loves to go camping with her family and explore new places with her Geo-Dog. 

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